Since 1902 the Festina brand has been one of the most prominent in the manufacture of watches. For more than 80 years, it has stood out as one of the most famous companies in Spain. Currently, after its purchase in 1984, the brand works under the direction of Miguel Rodríguez Domínguez, the owner of Lotus. It currently operates under the name of Festina Lotus S.A.

In his catalog of watches Festina only finds very exclusive designs

Using its great knowledge in the manufacturing process of watches, the Festina brand offers models that are quite succulent for lovers of this accessory.

Men can find quite minimalist designs for those who want to dispense with devices with designs that they will not use. Found very simple models, made of stainless steel. A single color gold or silver can also opt for a two-tone design, with the classic analog system. For sports lovers can also do it with a phone model for them, very accessible for its low price and that have a stopwatch so they can be updated a lot of time.

However, for those who want a provocative design and also worth living their love for sport, find in these watches designs that incorporate up to three analog watches at once, with one or two stopwatches, according to the client’s taste. Even with analog models that incorporate analog calendars within the same sphere.

But, and for them? In the Festina watches women are one of the great protagonists without a doubt. The same way that men, within the wide range of watches, the sportswoman can be done with a simple watch and the ideal sea to exercise daily. The woman who looks for a discreet design, because she does not want to attract attention in her day to day, can also find different models that will capture her attention, that is small, not heavy and that allows her to control the passage of hours with only Take a look at your wrist. You can not forget the woman who likes high-end products, so there are also models with exclusive designs worked to the smallest detail from its chocolate-colored stainless steel strap to its golden or silver-colored spheres.


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Festina watches. Pretty nice watches with very exclusive designs.

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